Friday, December 17, 2010

It's back!

Of course the weather was nice (in Oregon the word "nice" means it didn't rain) but my tank for my Duc hadn't arrived...until later this morning while I was at work.  No problem as it's back, internally coated with epoxy, and ready for mounting!  Yahoo!  (<-- that's an exclamation and not meant as a reference to my previous job).

Here's the package, well wrapped:

The prize!

After unwrapping the interior didn't look much different, just shinier!  Here's my newly coated, burnt yellow tank next to a stock black tank:

My tank now has a spread of 32.9mm...did the epoxy help pull it in some?  The black tank was returned as a warped unit.  After sitting in the shop and then my garage for several months -- including the whole summer -- its tank spread was about 32.5mm!  But all the hardware is missing and holes have been drilled in it so it will eventually become wall art for me.

Anyway, I'm happy!  I'm going to merge my bleed and vent hoses into a Y so just one hose comes down from the tank area instead of two -- to help clean up the front of the engine a tad.

Edit:  Bleed and vent hose merge.