Sunday, August 14, 2011

A 'new' trailer, returning my Goldwing, & replacing a waste line.

Last week I finally got rid of the MasterCraft wetjet to the neighbor's brother.  I then got a sheet of 3/4" plywood, some carriage bolts, made some clamps, and converted the wetjet trailer into a general purpose trailer.  Once we get it to my shop I'll paint it to further protect the deck.
What I started with:
How it turned out:

Thursday, Aug. 11th, my buddy Brian came up from Roseburg and picked up my Goldwing, which originally was his Goldwing that I bought from him back in 2002, in Parma, Idaho...that was a long ride home back to Portland!  She's in good hands and will get used more.

This weekend my neighbor (the one who redid our house siding) and I replaced the original, 1960 waste water backbone line under the house.  The pipe started at the washing machine and ran three-quarters the length of the house, picking up the dish washer, kitchen sink, and hallway bathtub on the way to the main sewer line.  The reason for replacement was that water was backing up when too much water was going into the drain, particularly from the HE (high-efficiency) washing machine, and treatments line Drano and Zep Drain Care weren't really fixing the issue.  We -- well, my neighbor mostly! -- replaced the whole line of 1.5" galvanized steel, from the washing machine discharge all the way to the main sewer line, with the proper 2" plastic.  The system now can flow more volume and more smoothly as we used Y-fittings instead of flow-slowing T-fittings.  These two pictures show what 50+ years of washing machine and kitchen crap do to your waste lines (no wonder we had flow problems!):