Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not enough time

Well, trying to keep up on a blog takes a good chunk of time.  I learned this during the Invasion but it's been reinforced here at home.  If I'm not busy with home stuff or dealing with work then I get a few minutes to rest before bed.  During the Invasion it was really just me; at home I have three other people to share my time with (and we just adopted a black cat named Eris, bringing us to two cats now).  With my priorities this blog falls near the bottom, which is kind of a bummer since I want to be able to use it to document some of the stuff I do to my vehicles.  I'm guessing that people who do good blogs must have a talent for writing, so it comes out quickly without much revision, and/or it's a priority for them so they have the time.

It's Sunday morning before everybody is up.  I've already spent over 15 minutes on this little bit of text and now I need to work on finishing a work task as it's due tomorrow.  Ugh...almost everybody who requests information from me has their task at #1, top priority.  It can get annoying.  I like the job, it just reminds me of Intel sometimes with the rush rush rush.  It also means my work is important and the position I'm in needs a second person because I'm just not enough to get everyone's tasks completed in the time they want.

I just found a Sponge Bob Squarepants sticker on the floor next to my computer desk.  That means one of the kids was where they shouldn't have been.

I checked the mileage of mi ragazza and I've gotten a low of 35mpg and a high of 38mpg.  Not bad for a heavy throttle hand :-D

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