Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick updates

Dropped my gas tank off at the shipping annex yesterday and it's on its way to California to get coated on the inside.  It's supposed to arrive on the 9th.  I had the shipping place wrap it extra careful and it ended up costing me almost $5 more in packaging costs than shipping...with insurance!  But it will arrive -- should arrive! -- without damage.  I hope.

Before shipping it off I measured the tank spread and it hovered around 33cm.  The tank is flexible at those 'wings' so they can be pulled/pushed a couple centimeters both directions (in & out).  It's as dry as I think it can get.

Work at my new job is going slow.  This is the first time I ever had a desktop system that's slower than the laptops!  So I've been waiting for over a week and that is frustrating in itself but our IT guy is extremely busy, especially with new people coming into the organization every week.  Just gotta wait my turn.  The new environment feels like a start-up so it's a good thing I'm adaptable and have been able to keep myself busy work-wise for the most part.  I do miss Yahoo!...well, most of the people...but job pay and career opportunities are much better at my new job and that helps.  Plus my new manager is smart, driven, highly experienced, and fun to work with.

Oh, I installed bi-Xenon HID lights into my E-code head lights in my Jetta on Sunday and got to use them today.  They work AWESOME!  E-codes are better than stock NA (North America) head lamps by miles but even with excellent bulbs the light output could be much better...enter HIDs.  Love 'em.  My early birthday present from my sweetie.  She rocks!

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