Monday, January 17, 2011

It's about the bikes

The turn signal on my Goldwing wasn't staying put when I was making right turn signals so I decided to see if I could figure out what was going on and maybe fix it.  Turns out the 1981 grease just aged and was very thick.  I cleaned out all the original grease, then I put white lithium on the ball bearing and detent, and dielectric grease on the rest.  This is the final, greasy product and it works much better.  The right signal does stay but it doesn't "lock in" like the left signal position unless I tap it a second time.  But at least it's waaay better than before.
More pictures here.

Also, I had to send off the speedometer back to the rebuilder as it won't go past 40mph and the needle is slow to return.  I put a brand new, OEM speedometer cable on the bike so I know it isn't that.  The cable also spins freely.  I'm hoping he can fix it as it was working before.  The original fix was to fix whatever it was that was causing the speedometer to squeal.  At least it doesn't squeal any more and looks new.  But still...

A few weeks ago I also got the Tank Slapper protective film back on the gas tank of my Duc.  Next, I make a pattern where my legs grip the tank and I applied the StompGrip clear volcano to the tank, on top of the Tank Slapper film.  I have yet to ride my bike since the application but just sitting on the bike I'm able to hold myself up whereas before I'd just slide forward and "fall" onto the handle bars.  I'm hoping this will help my riding form better and keep the weight off my wrists/arms, allowing my core to properly perform the task of holding me up.
More pictures here.

The detailing is amazing!  I highly recommend this model.  I have other models from AUTOart and they have very good detailing as well.

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