Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you walk into our house it smells like a fir-rich forest.  We got our Christmas tree today, packing it home from the Ryzn Farm somewhere north by northwest of North Plains.  We used my Jetta with the converted trailer.  Worked out nice.  The tree is now on display in the front window in the living room and BOY does the house smell gooooood!

We also put out the illuminated deer and decorated a some of the shrubbery.  Cold but dry day, rather nice.  Once we finish the outside I'll take evening pictures.  The tree isn't decorated yet but those pics will be forthcoming as well.

A couple weeks ago we got the spin-down filter attached to our well filtration system so now the bigger particulate is filtered out before it hits the rest of the system.  This means that the landscaping water supply is now filtered so the sprinkler holes won't get clogged up with debris.  It's the clear tube hanging down with the white grid inside.  Turning the red handle at the bottom of it flushes the debris out the black hose and out of the shed.  Very handy!

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