Monday, June 25, 2012

Wyoming Deer: 0 -- Toby's Type Three: 1

Day 10

The girls all loaded up and ready for home.

Good thing the engine behind me isn't running otherwise I'd be deaf.
It's late and the day was long.  Briefly:  Went to the local Ronald McDonald House in Colorado Springs and donated to them the proceeds of the Type III Invasion, $1229!
Brian getting the receipt for the Ronald McDonald donation.  Good work, Bri!
Then Brian, Dave Whitaker in his Type 34, and myself headed west.  Long and boring and HOT!
In case you forgot how boring south Wyoming was, here's yer reminder.

The excitement came at 9:45pm this evening at roughly 1 mile before Evanston, Wyoming.  I dodged one deer in the road but the second one hit MY CAR!!!!  Luckily, it was only her head that took out my left side view mirror and lightly brushed against the body, so no dents.  I'm pretty sure that she's dead by now.  I'm surprised that Brian didn't hit her (I was leading the pack) as she stumbled to the right side of the road but he said all he saw was what he thought was a tumble weed go by.

Okay, it's late and I don't have time to put up pictures so, again, that will have to be later.  G'nite!
[Author's Note:  Pictures added 28June2012]

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