Friday, October 21, 2011

Long time, no see!

Well, uhm, I haven't made any posts for a while because I've been very busy.  We bought a house...can't call it 'new' because it was built in 1968 but it's 'new' for us.  4/5 of an acre with a large garden shed (which houses the pump for the well) and a 36'x36' enclosed, insulated shop!  YEAY!!  We also got a new roof laid on the 'old' house (we call it the Derby house) plus painted some of the interior and had a solar tube finally installed in the hall way.  So that house is done and looks great.  Oh, it's also a rental and we got it filled immediately, whew!

The new place (the Jaylee house) has almost 3 times more square footage than the Derby house so the kids and, especially, Antonette love the added space.  It also has a large, fenced back yard with an attached sunroom for A to lounge in, even when it rains.  She's a happy girl!  I've gone around and replaced many of the cheap light switches with more modern, flat, illuminated units and sliders (rheostat-style) for the bathrooms and bedrooms.  I've never seen so many 3-way switches in my life, oy!  What a pain in the butt those are!!

Though we lost the storage shed at Derby we have plenty of floored attic space above the garage.  Oh, and since there's the shop all my crap is there, leaving a whole garage just for A.  Now she can park in the garage instead of outside, making un/loading the kids much easier and a much drier operation in the winter.  All of the vegetation stuff (mower, blower, edger, poisons, fertilizer, wheelbarrow, etc.)  are stored in the garden shed, along with anything else that doesn't need to be temperature/humidity controlled -- the shed isn't insulated but is big enough to hold a car and then some.

My shop (yes, MY shop) feels great.  It can comfortably fit six air-cooled VWs in it, two deep by three wide.  Probably could squeeze in two more if I had too <grin>.  The whole place needs to be sheet-rocked but at least it came with the sheet-rock and insulation for the ceiling.  Plenty of 20A electrical outlets but I will need to wire in my own 240V line for my air compressor.  Oh, it also has a new, gas heater...just need to hook up a gas line to it <groan>.  On either side is a tall, RV-height garage door so getting vehicles in/out should be no problem.

Anyway, that's the news that's been keeping me from posting news :-D  Things are slowly settling down.  All the house hold stuff is finally out of my shop and in the house, just need to start putting that away.  Hopefully I'll be getting more time to organize my tools and get the shop 'tuned' to my tastes so I can work on my big boy toys!

Pics from my phone when we first started moving in:

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