Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cherry Pickers: Not all are seasonal!

Did some searching and I think I can get my tranny reasonably fixed as long as I do the removal and install.  Since removing the tranny requires supporting the engine I decided this was a good excuse to get a new tool:  An engine hoist!  For those of us who work on cars this handy device is also known as a 'cherry picker'.

A search on the local Craig's List had a very nice 2-ton unit briefly used that was only a few miles away and for $160...and it was posted this morning so it must've been a sign to get it!

I called Ken to see if I could borrow his Yukon as a transport vehicle but it was down so I had to use my Squareback, uhg!  So I drove to the place in the rain and we barely got it loaded into my baby.  He gave me some thin rope to secure it in the cargo area and then he was gone...was in a rush to go somewhere!

I took the side streets to avoid the rush-hour traffic because I wanted to keep my speed below the 35mph speed limit and not piss off anyone.  Got home with no issues.  Antonette helped me unload it.  Here it is before unloading it:

Lucky me, it came with a load-leveler as well!

All folded up and ready for use:
Happy happy joy joy!  Now all I need is a two-post lift and my shop is complete (tool-wise).

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