Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good shop news

The previous owner stopped by today to pick up mail we had collected for them.  While we were chatting I asked about the shop.  The shop used to be just one side (the left side).  They added the right side.  The pour was 5" with another 4" more in the upper right quadrant  (top half of the addition they poured) because...excellent news!...he had planned on putting a lift there!  Yeay!  My plan was to put a lift on the left side but I can change plans, no problem-o!  This saves me from having to cut out a section of the floor, digging deeper, and repouring, which is what I was planning on doing because you need to have a good foundation for a car lift.

We also found out the house roof was put on in 2006.  Just good to know.

Oh, we also got our first snow day, yippee! 

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