Saturday, June 16, 2012

Type Three Invasion, Day 1

Woke up this morning and had a Kahlua & Creme latte with a croissant breakfast sandwich at Ava's Rosteria with my Sweetie and The Boy. Packed up my clothes for the trip, said g'bye to the family, and started my journey to the Type Three Invasion.  About 3.5 hours later I was at my buddy Brian Fye's house.

My baby ran fine and got a lot of looks, including one long one by a Marion County Sheriff...  At the 1/2 way point on the fuel gauge I was just over 150 miles so my mileage is okay.  My speedometer & odometer are off because I am running lower profile tires and thus they read higher than what they should.  Oil pressure was fine and no red light flicker from the low oil pressure idiot light when coasting down the off-ramp at the Fye exit.  Oxygen sensor was running a consistent 12.5 which is a bit rich for my tastes but that means she won't be running hot and there's no black smoke out the exhaust so my mixture isn't too rich I guess.  Handling wasn't as bad since I had a full thrust alignment done to her but she still requires attention; a little too drifty-wandery for my tastes.

Brian needed an accessory 12v outlet in his car so I installed the one he had.  Now he can charge his phone in the car and also use his cool lambda meter.  Tomorrow we plan on leaving after 8am and head towards Ontario, Idaho.  Let's hope for an uneventful trip!

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