Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yawning is a GOOD thing!

Day 2
We left our first gas station at 9:10 and made good time.  Then Brian’s hood unlatched.  So we pulled over and he pushed it back down and we were back on our merry way.  There is a safety hook so we weren’t worried about the hood flying open – them German engineers are smart volks.  But a bump later and it unlatched and we were on the side of the road, pushing it back down.  And repeat.  So annoyed by the frequent stops we pulled out some duct tape and further secured the hood.  Nope.  It came undone again a little later.  Uhg.  After some fiddlin’ around we saw that the catch was ‘sluggish’  so we sprayed some oil on it and worked the release…yup, that’s what it needed!  The catch was now moving back to the locked position like it was supposed to and it held the hood down.  We were back to uninterrupted driving.
Two small sections of scary gravel along the beautiful Umpqua stretch weren't fun.

Long stretches of uninterrupted driving.  Yawn.

Temps were in the upper 80s so the drive was a tad on the hot side but not unbearable like prior drives.  We both are leaking a little oil but I seem to have more coming from the center line of the engine and a little from the right side.  I did need to add a ½ quart of oil mid-trip and will likely need more in the morning…which reminds me, I need to check the oil sump cover and make sure the acorn nuts and drain plug are snug.  At least my tires are less than two years old and holding up, heheheh.

I had quite a few long, straight stretches with a purple Notchback in my sights.

Gas mileage for me was in the mid-to-upper 20s so that’s good.  We made it to Ontario, OR, about 6:30 Pacific time, 7:30 Mountain time as that is the time zone we’re now it.  I put in 20.02 gallons of 91 octane in my car today.

The day ended with a nice Carlos Torano (Exodus 1959) cigar sitting behind our cars in the parking lot, enjoying the cool evening air.  Let’s hope the rest of the trip is uneventful.  Yawning is a good thing when you’re driving a classic vehicle cross-country!

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