Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We've Arrived!

Day 5
Know what I liked best about Laramie?  Leaving.

It was a short driving day for us (yeay!).  Traffic was scary going down through Denver but after our fuel stop in Castle Rock we entered beautiful, forested hills.  Ahhh, it was like being back home, only five thousand or so feet higher.
Now this is a pretty sight: Hills, winding road, and lots of trees that are green and taller than 8 feet.

Find the airplane.  Yes, we're near the Air Force Academy.
Arrived at the host hotel, Springs Inn, just as the day was warming up.  Unloaded and relaxed.  Met Rich, who is Bob's dad.  He came up from Texas.  And Marion and his wife from Georgia.  Oh, and Dave & Annie Hall from England.  Yes, a Type Three'r from ENGLAND is here (any one from the ol' DDB reading this?).  More volks will be arriving tomorrow; it'll be a good crowd.

Rich, Brian, and I walked to the Phantom Canyon Brewing Co for lunch.  That's where we'll be having Friday night dinner.  Good food and a few decent single malt scotches.
Walking distance from the hotel.  Party on, Garth!
 The evening was spent with a nice, thick, mello, Padilla Series '68 out on the patio.  On the patio I also met Sven, from Germany, who's here with his friend Michael for a physics conference.  It was really neat to get his input on America's roads and driving (apparently we're pretty laid back and have wide roads).
Home sweet home for the next four days.

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