Monday, June 18, 2012

What happened today? A whole lot of BORING!

Day 3
Today was basically uneventful and BORNING.  I like these little trips because they allow me to see different places in the US, especially the places where I would NOT want to live!  I can check southern Idaho and northern Utah off my list of places I would not live (we already know Kansas is one of them).  Eastern Oregon, sorry to say, is one of those as well.  I guess living west of the Cascade mountains has spoiled me.  I love the greenery, the winding roads and temperate weather.  Hope I haven't offended too many volks; it's just my opinion.
See the flags?  That's how windy it was.
 There was a strong west by south westerly wind which was, thankfully, a tail-wind for us.  So our mileage was positively affected.  My best mileage was 28mpg.  With only two stops for gas my total for the day was 13.16 gallons, with just over 219 miles on the last fill up (8.0 gallon fill).  Oh, I also dropped from 91-92 octane to 87 per Brian's recommendation.  No pinging.  Tomorrow we finally head into the mountains (yeay, curves!) so we shall see how the engine handles the load going up hill.

Oh yeah, at a rest stop we looked at the small puddle of oil under my car and it's coming from in front of the engine so we know what that means:  Main seal.  Uhg.  I should be okay for the trip and can replace it once I'm back home.  Anyway, oil loss isn't terrible.  I did notice that the backing plate on the left rear wheel is wet looking and a check of the brake fluid reservoir shows a drop in the level so I have a small leak back there.  Let's hope it doesn't get worse.
Stitched panoramic view of BORING, between Idaho and Utah.
Dinner was at a great Italian restaurant, Zucca's.  We each had a seafood spaghetti and mussels that were great.  Cigar for the evening was a 90+ rated Alec Bradley Prensado...which left me disappointed.  It started off great, rich and spicy like a smokey chilli pepper but after a little while it petered out.  Like, I couldn't keep it lit!  I'd light it, get a good draw, then only one or two more and phthft, nada!  Brian was there and saw I tried and tried to no avail to keep that sucker alive.  Not happy with that.  Let's hope that was a bad cigar and the other one will be okay.

Okay, here's a video when we were bored today.  It's Brian in his Notch running with magical tires:

Oh, click me to see our route on Goggle Maps.

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