Thursday, June 17, 2010


Brian and I loaded up, fueled up, and were on the hot, humid road by 10:20am.  Yes, it was STILL windy and the geography was sucky (the people in Kansas are nice, I just don't like the location...and the wind).

Around 1pm Brian pulls into a rest stop because his gas gauge needle is right on the reserve mark.  We dump in all 2.5 gallons of our spare gas into his tank.  We talk to some folks with a GPS for a gas station nearby but they can't find one.  I get a general lay of the land with my MotoQ and Google Maps (sorry homies but Yahoo! maps needs improvement in this area when precision and GPS counts).

Right before the 400 and 99 junction we hit a Conoco gas station (about 12 miles way) and fill up, including our spare gas of course.  The further east we travel the nicer the terrain becomes.  A little more hilly, a few more trees, few more ponds & creeks.
The happiest moment of the trip so far.

We missed the turn off to I-71 and needed to turn around so we hit a gas station for Brian again, just in case.  The road was bad in places and Brian hit a buckle in the pavement hard and now his brakes are mush on the first press and he thinks he might be losing more gas.  Anyway, we enter the Precious Moments Best Western about 4:15pm.  Yes, I kid you not, Precious Moments.  And guess what?  This is the place and the week for the Precious Moments convention.
View from our room.  Left to right:  My baby, Jim Adney's, & Brian's Type IIIs
5:36pm More arrivals!

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