Sunday, June 13, 2010

I think I've been here before

I've been across the USA a couple of times in my baby.  Here is our route to the Type 3 Invasion:

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What is a "Type 3 Invasion"?
The Type 3 Invasion is an event that occurs every other year and was started by my buddy, Brian.  It's a gathering of Type 3's and their owners, it's NOT a car show!  It is meant to bring enthusiasts together - preferably with their car if possible but it's not required - to put faces with the names/monikers we normally see on the internet forums and email lists.  Ideally it's alternated between the East and West coasts but the hosting function is voluntary (and a good deal of work) so the destination is where the host is.  It spans a weekend and has tech sessions, silent auction, and cruises!  The fun of it is seeing a line of 30+ Type 3 Volkswagens all cruising together, either checking out the local sights or hanging out at a burger joint.  Here's pictures of the first Type 3 Invasion.

What is a "Type 3"?
The internal designations of VWs fell into types.  The ubiquitous Beetle, a.k.a. Bug, is a Type I (roman numeral one).  The Bus is a Type II.  The Squareback, Fastback, and Notchback (which was never sold in the USA) is a Type III.  Yes, there is even a predecessor of the Type III which is the Type IV.  After that the types aren't as neat and we really don't care about them for this blog.

So why is your blog background a Splitty (Split window Bus)?
Because I can't put my own background so I found the closest thing to an air-cooled VW.  For those who don't know why I specify "air-cooled", it means the engine is cooled by the air and not water like most modern automobile engines.  My Jetta, for example, is a water-cooled VW or "water-pumper".

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