Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love the smell of gasoline in the morning, ooh-rah!

Brian's car is running rich, partly due to jetting but mostly because the electric fuel pump he's using puts out too high of a pressure, over-filling the carb bowls.  The pressure regulator he has can't go low enough for the carbs (about 3psi) so last week when he drove up to help me with my car I sent him home with mine.  Well, according to his fuel pressure gauge mine wasn't working even though it was when I removed it from my car.  Mine did sit for a year or so, so maybe the diaphragm is now bad...we don't know.

So this morning he decided to try my regulator again and hooked it up in the hotel parking lot.
We're thinking that maybe his fuel pressure sender and/or the gauge is bad (hoping, really) and not giving us an accurate reading.  Once we get going he'll "play" with the throttle and should be able to tell by the engine's performance if the regulator is working and the gauge is bad -or- the regulator is bad and the gauge is good.

We love our cars, we love our cars...

Oh, and no phone call from my manager so I'm guessing the Monday morning reporting processes at work went okay.  I might be a bad boy and see if I can VPN into work and check my emails, shhhh!

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