Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gathering in the park, Day Two.

Note:  I'm writing this at 10:10pm Central Time so it's still Sunday for me and not Monday.

Today (Sunday) was a slower day.  I slept in longer and took my sweet time leaving the hotel today because the temperature forecast was for hotter temps today.  The humidity cloaking the country side would be a given.  I washed the rear of my baby due to some of the dust from the driveway of the restaurant settling on the water from last nights cooling rain.  Went next door to Wal-Mart and got ice for the cooler, Starbucks mochas in the bottle for me, and a couple liters of Diet Coke for Brian.  Ended up giving a curious cowboy a tour of my car as he had never seen one and was curious about her.

The municipal park of Carthage is on Route 66.

There were a few less volks at the park and the time was just a time to chill and chat.  It was discovered that Brian had no brake lights and his brakes were less than good.  I pulled out my electrical tool box to check things out but discovered that his pan was wet by the rear front fender well, where the line-lock was nearby.  One of his brake fluid reservoirs was empty so I knew it was a leak in the system and not electrical.  Something new to tend to...   By noon it was pretty much over and people headed out, spidering their way home.

Brian can't help himself when it comes hunching down into a purple engine bay!  Here's he's tweaking and synchronizing James' carbs.
Some more of John's handiwork.

After everyone left it was just Matt, his girls, Adriel and I.  We talked about Matt's electric cars and stuff.  My baby had cooled down so I was able to change the valve cover gasket on the right side.  Yep, the gasket was not seated well and thus was allowing oil to seep out.  That was easily fixed but I saw that the #2 exhaust pushrod tube seal wasn't seated well and had squished out a little bit into the rocker area so there was the other source of another oil leak.  We then headed to the Sonic for some lunch and thick, cold milkshakes.
Matt's little ladies.

After that Adriel headed back to California and we went back to the hotel to chill out in the air-conditioned room, plus allowing their dog Sputnik to cool down.  Unfortunately, a neighbor phoned Matt and warned him that someone had broken into his house so he had to leave a little unexpectedly...Hope things turn out okay, Matt!

Brian and I had dinner with Bob and Sue, the last remaining Invaders of Carthage.  We ate at the Pizza Hut and the service was terrible!  We don't ever plan on eating their again, LOL!

We retired to the parking lot where Brian swapped out his smooth tires for the full spares and then we tightened the brake lines and bled the brakes.  His brakes were back and the cars were road-ready!
Precious Moments dreams, kiddos!

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