Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our day started normally, well, except Brian wasn't under his engine deck lid, har har har!  The morning air was 44 degrees Fahrenheit, clear and crisp -- such a pleasant departure from the southern region we had come from.  We had a good breakfast at Penny's Diner, topped off the petrol, and were on the road by 8:40am.

At about 2.6 miles down the road the back end of Brian's Notchback erupted into gray smoke, followed by a light drizzle of black rain upon my windshield.  I followed the black trail that Bri left on the road way onto the right shoulder.  My trip odometer read about 2.7.   What happened was his oil line output from the oil filter popped off, allowing the engine to pump oil onto the outside of the engine and exhaust tubing instead of through the oil line!  Luckily, the bright red idiot light Bri had in his cockpit was blinding and he shut his engine down and brought his car to a stop very quickly, avoiding major damage.

I had several quarts of Mobil 1 pure synthetic oil so Brian was able to fill up his oil supply.  He's a conventional oil guy but the synthetic held up quite well (of course).  There were no more "events" for our cars the rest of the day.  The weather did get to the low 90s but it was not humid so keeping cool was sooooo much easier.  Love the fact that the wind vent windows on our classic cars pivot to allow air to funnel into the cabin.

There was an "event" that slowed us down almost an hour; a pickup truck rolled over and traffic had to be detoured.  That led us to believe it was a fatality since several miles of interstate was closed.

My engine is still leaking oil from somewhere but it's not too bad.  Since both sides of the lower engine are coated in oil Brian thinks it's the main seal (Russ had mentioned this as well).  I have more oil (carrying extra in the front trunk) and the leak is messy but not dumping oil so I can easily make it home.  When I get home I can drop the engine and figure out where it's coming from and fix it.

We took a quick detour to hit Parma and visit the original Invasion location:

At 8:15pm we finally arrived in Ontario, Oregon, and got a room at the original Invasion host hotel, the Rodeway Inn (yes, that is the correct spelling).  Right next door to us are two guys who passed us in Mt. Home, Idaho.  They are touring the whole USA, each on a motorcycle.  They were looking for stickers so I gave them the one of the DDB I had from Martin's shop that looks like a country sticker (the white oval with three characters representing the country name).  Sounded like they were having a good time with good memories...ah, to be single and least they're smart and doing it now while they can!  One is from Portland and the other Bend.  Hmmm...kinda like Bri and I...

Okay, it's late and I'm beat!  I almost fell asleep several times during our drive.  So I'm hitting the hay.  Tomorrow we're Portland bound, yahoo!  I can't wait to be back home with my family.

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