Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We decided to start our day early so as to avoid much of the heat of the day.  We tried to leave the hotel but Brian's car wouldn't start.  It would crank but would refuse to fire.  Fuel pump was pushing fuel and everything looked normal in the engine compartment.  I went about testing the electrical parts when I noticed that the points were closed even though the rubbing block was on the lobe...hmmm...  I had Brian crank the engine while I watched the points and they didn't move a single bit.  There's the problem!  So Bri pulls the dizzy (distributor), adjusts the point gap, throws the dizzy back in and the car fires right up.  By 7:15am we got breakfast at Burger King and are on the road.

The morning was cool and not nearly as humid.  Much more tolerable to drive in.  The further west we drive the less humid it becomes.  We did get some warmer temps in the Aurora/Denver area and heavy congestion that slowed us down due to an accident.  Brian's Notch was idling too fast so we needed to pull over in the emergency lane so he could adjust his linkage.
All the WDOT signs had this...must be an issue up here I guess?
Just outside of Rawlings, Wyoming, the winds picked up considerably and were very gusty,
blowing us around.  The outside temperature was very cool and I didn't need all my windows open like I did in Kansas.  We did get some rain from brewing thunder heads that were moving east.  Bri was listening to the local radio station and found out we avoided a major hail storm that occured in Rawlings and two inch hail in Oakly (a gas stop before Colby), so we were very thankful we didn't spend the night at either place.
You know it's windy when the ponds have white-caps on 'em!

We arrived in the last big town, Green River, WY, at 6pm Mountain Time -- so a full 12-hour day since we lost an hour crossing time zones.  We're beat and weary.  We both had troubles staying awake during our day.  Since the weather is considerably better -- both in temp and humidity -- we plan on sleeping in and not rushing to leave like this morning.  Our next stop will be in Ontario, Oregon (right next to Idaho), where we'll be staying with friends of the Fye family.

Note:  I'm not done with adding pictures to this, however, the internet connection in our motel room is amazingly SLOW.  After talking to some locals on finding an internet café, said café is closed until Wednesday and we can't find the local library.  So I'm on the side of the road in town, next to a Super 8 motel, borrowing their internet connection...heheheh.  Unfortunately, this web interface SUCKS when it comes to pasting pictures in the locations I want them so I'll do it tomorrow.  We're going off now to smoke cigars!

New Note:  Pictures added on June 23, Wednesday.

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