Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gathering in the park

Note:  This is for Saturday.  I'm still a day behind.

John Jaranson, automobile tattoo artist at work.
Yesterday (Saturday) was bloody hot and humid.  I felt like steamed cauliflower -- white and cooked.

Anyway, Brian and I started the day by sleeping in!  Then we hit the nearby car wash and attended to our cars as they really needed the oil and bugs scraped off.  We hit the Wal-Mart for water, soda, and ice, then it was off to the park.

We had a few tech sessions, learning more about our cars by enthusiasts who had deep, personal tribal knowledge, along with input from others and Russ's VW tech experience.  It was really just a time to explore each other's dub and talk to one another.  Really pretty neat despite the hot, humid weather that was beyond the comfort level for two Oree-gun boys.

  Keith Park's front beam tech session.

Cindy and Shawn lounging in front of their gorgeous red Notch.

Turbo Notch, beautiful inside and out!

Golf Fahrenheit Edition GTI and custom Type III engines.

I climbed up onto the pavilion roof and lookie what I saw.  Total Type IIIs that day were 26 & a half.

That evening we gathered together and rode out to "The Lucky J Arena" that was a indoor rodeo arena with a restaurant attached to it.  The food was g-r-e-a-t and the company even better...

After chow we headed back to the hotel and chilled out in the parking lot...again...and jabbered some more, making some fixes, and winding down after a classic station wagon day.  The only real bad news was that the person who was going to bring the tires for Brian today didn't show up.
Left to right: Jason, Brian, Bob & Sue, Mine.

Brake caliper repair.  It was successful for this Type 34.

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