Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lucy, I'm home!

The morning was warm and overcast.  But it wasn't humid!  We chatted some more with the two guys motorcycling it across the states.  Cool dudes and they had their fair share of events, just like us.  Sounds like they had a good time, good memories.

We left had a tasty breakfast at DJ's, the restaurant next to the hotel, then went to Moxie's for iced lattés (MilkyWay flavored...mmmm!).  Got gas and were on the road at 11:00am Central Time.  A couple miles down the road Brian pulled over but it was just to latch his front trunk lid, nothing serious.
Just found this curious, overcast skies and only the sun out but Bri's car cast a shadow on either side.
The trip was pleasant until we hit the bottom west side of the Blue Mountains, where the weather got hot.  But it wasn't humid!  So with the vent wing windows spun all the way around we kept fairly cool.

The girls looking pretty worn.  Bugs, oil, and dirt covered them but they were real troupers!
The Columbia Gorge was gusty, of course, and the wind was blowing to the east, directly at us, of course.  So we were running a little warm engine-wise.  We stopped for food and oil top-off at McDonalds in The Dalles.  A little further down the road Brian felt that his engine was running lean so we stopped at Multnomah Falls to take a break from the wind and let our bodies relax.  Since Bri hadn't been there in the daytime and we had plenty of time to kill since we weren't about to deal with Portland rush hour traffic, we hiked up to the bridge and checked out the waterfall.

We left the park at 6:10pm Pacific Time (yahoo!) and were at my house by 7pm.  Bri backed up his Notch into my garage and we put a fan on the engine to cool it down.  As a precautionary measure Bri opened up his idle jets to richen his mixture, thus letting it run a little cooler.  The carbs on his engine are a pain to work on, at least the left side!  It'll be much easier when he gets the turbo on and only has to deal with ONE carb!

With his engine all buttoned-up he was headed for home at 9:30pm.  I unpacked my baby and she's all settled in the garage for now (getting a bath this weekend).  I got to be with my Sweetie and it was great to see Ronin, such a little lover, man I missed him; being away from your family makes you really notice changes and appreciate them.

It's late since I need to be at work tomorrow at my regular time so this is the end of the Type III Invasion 2010 for me.  I'm not sure what I'll do with this blog now.  I think I'll try to keep it updated with my various projects (other dubs, motorcycles) and such...I'm not much of a "journal" person.  We'll see...

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